Everything is changing.

Business, Markets, Economies, Cultures – the world is shifting at an ever increasing speed.


We know change and transformation is hard, we help you to navigate the changing landscape and capitalise on the opportunities.

Change = Opportunity

The world is now in a constant state of change – more so than ever before in our history.

We now live in a world dominated by entrepreneurs, with millions of new start-ups launching globally every year.

Start-ups used to be for the outsiders and the inventors that didn’t fit into corporate cultures – but we know that’s changed – today some of the brightest talent choose to start their own ventures – its even become a clear career choice for many founders.

Entrepreneurs now come from all backgrounds, all demographics, and from everywhere on the planet.


Whats changed?

Its easier and cheaper than ever before to start a business. Access to technology, capital and location independent workplaces have enabled entrepreneurs to achieve more – quickly, and at a lower cost than ever before.

The pandemic has helped to accelerate this change as working remotely, once something that was generally thought impossible, has rapidly been accepted as a new normal. People and organisations have had to embrace change, and do so quickly to survive, once safe ‘jobs-for-life’ may not be considered safe any longer.

Digital transformation and new technology has also played a part in these changes, accelerating people into new ways of working from new places.

People have also come to expect better, more ethical service and real-time communication with every company and product they interact with at home or at work.

When combined, the pace of change has never been so fast, and the scale of opportunities has never been so huge.


How will you keep up?

How will you change, transform and succeed?

We empower you to understand, embrace and capitalise on this new entrepreneurial world.

Unlocking potential, through innovation and transformation to realise opportunities for you and your business.


Harnessing networks

We’ve built a global network on the back of proven approaches and methods, to engage the right stakeholders, identify where unseen pitfalls might lie, and uncover innovation opportunities.

We connect and engage with entrepreneurs, start-ups, accelerators, investors, technologists and organisations that can rapidly solve your challenges.

We know, and understand how these organisations best connect and engage, and the significant benefits that can be realised as a result.

Engagement is just the start, we believe it’s vital for innovation to deliver real returns. We all recognise that not everything is a winner – but our goal is to show clear benefits and return on investment through to profit for both our customers and partners.

Our approach is different – fast, measured and effective.

We’re not a traditional consultancy, we are specialists in how innovation can transform and benefit entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporates.


Quantify the Problem

The key to successful innovation is not centered around technology trends or knee jerk solutions.

Understanding the broader nature of a challenge is vital in identifying multiple potential solutions.


Go big – in bite sized chunks

Large innovations and markets come from products and services which are grown, refined and developed – start small and use proven models and methodologies to scale-up winners.


Open-up Innovation

Our approach to open innovation allows you to access the best talent and ideas, to uncover and develop innovation that can scale to provide meaningful and measurable
results for you and your business.


Spread Risk

Putting all of your resources into a single potential winner is high risk.

Spreading your risk across multiple potential winners allows you to test and find what works and then scale on proven results.


Leverage Learning

It’s inevitable that someone, somewhere has, or is building a solution to your problem.

Shortcut your challenges with existing or developing solutions from the global ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-ups to allow you to focus on scaling to solve your problem quickly.


Increase Agility

Big infrastructure is hard to change fast, big used to be safe – and provided a barrier to entry for competitors.

In the new world software and AI have enabled small and agile businesses to achieve more with less – old world barriers to entry constrain innovation, transformation and growth.


Innovate like Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs innovate quickly, using new technologies, in new markets, disrupting the normal, testing and proving solutions before scaling-up winners.

They leverage innovation from other sectors and cultures, transforming and delivering market changing propositions.


Pivot and transform at speed

Software continues to rapidly change the world around us, transforming how we live, work and interact with each other.

We continue to see dramatic shifts in technology, society and the economy. Software companies have demonstrated transformation at speed to position and re-position to take advantage of these shifts and capitalise on ever larger sectors of our economy.