We believe in applying a different approach for the specific challenges you and your venture face.

Why we are different? Our single minded focus on making your innovation happen – it’s not dependent on size, stage, sector or location – it’s about success.

We achieve this with multiple programmes and services that address different types of start-up and corporate innovation, that drive specific outcomes and returns.




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Build – Shaping Your Venture

Engage with the brightest entrepreneurial talent to shape and build your venture. Identify disruptive propositions and position your venture as a winner.

Our Build Programme enables you to leverage the power of entrepreneurs to identify profitable opportunities, solve business challenges, create new innovation and solutions in your venture.

The Programme will help you to understand, with a clearer and wider view, the factors that affect your venture and how to build and position for success.

If you want to shape, or re-shape your venture for investment, scale and success, or are looking to uncover new opportunities in your industry and create change – we should be talking.


Partner – Solving Challenges

Identify and solve your business challenges.

Our Partner Programme empowers you to identify the possible, testing innovative solutions to your venture’s challenges using a global ecosystem – to transform, implement and scale winners.

Whether you’re an entrepeneur, start-up or corporate if you are trying to solve challenges faster and get a better return on investment – we should be talking.


Scale – Scaling Your Venture

Identify new opportunities for strategic growth by targeting and unlocking innovation and market whitespace.

Our Scale Programme empowers you to break through your ceilings, leveraging best in class growth teams to carry out rapid tests and quantify product/market fit to scale and grow.

Whether you want to uncover new opportunities in your industry, enter new geographical markets, create disruptive change or transform your operations and culture taking them to the next level we should be talking.